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Debuting on October 15, 1951 and running for six memorable seasons, I LOVE LUCY—in both its popularity and impact on American culture—remains as relevant today as it was a half century ago. The groundbreaking series served as the blueprint for nearly every sitcom produced since, as the three-camera format pioneered by Desi Arnaz and first used on I LOVE LUCY became (and remains) the industry standard for filming today. And in addition to showcasing the talents of the greatest physical comedienne of all time, the unparalleled chemistry between the remarkable cast and extraordinary team of writers combined to produce nearly 90 hours of hilarious television history. Underlying each episode are the ever-present themes of fun, friendship, family and love, helping to solidify I LOVE LUCY as a timeless classic which fans of all ages still enjoy today.

With 179 episodes and an indelible cast featuring Lucille Ball (“Lucy Ricardo”), Desi Arnaz (“Ricky Ricardo”), William Frawley (“Fred Mertz”) and Vivian Vance (“Ethel Mertz”), I LOVE LUCY provides an endless array of licensing possibilities for manufacturers, retailers and advertisers of all types of products and services.

Show/Property Highlights:
“Luuuucy……I’m home!”

Arguably the most beloved television series of all time, I LOVE LUCY™ remains a unique force in the entertainment and licensing industry more than fifty years after its celebrated television debut. Indeed, at every moment of the day someone, somewhere, is in front of the television enjoying a rerun of I LOVE LUCY. Its universal appeal and demographics span four generations, making I LOVE LUCY truly for everyone.