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“To the moon!.....”

First appearing in 1951 as a sketch on
Cavalcade of Stars and later The Jackie Gleason Show, THE HONEYMOONERS™ evolved into its own television series for the 1955-56 season. The result was 39 side-splitting episodes revolving around the lives and exploits of not-so-newlyweds “Ralph and Alice Kramden” living in a small Brooklyn apartment. At the center of it all was the legendary Jackie Gleason as “Ralph Kramden”, a blustery, ambitious New York City bus driver who was constantly on the lookout for that one great moneymaking scheme that would make him rich. An always willing accomplice and constant source of enthusiasm and encouragement was “Ralphie-boy’s” best friend “Ed Norton,” the upstairs neighbor and affable sewer worker portrayed to perfection by Art Carney.

The comedic genius of Gleason and the incomparable cast of characters combine to make THE HONEYMOONERS a timeless classic ripe with licensing opportunities that will have everyone exclaiming, “Baby….you’re the greatest!”

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