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Who was the most irrepressible, motivated, delightful young woman seeking fame and fortune in the big city? THAT GIRL™! Who got into the wackiest adventures, dragging her reluctant boyfriend Donald, and anyone else around her, into every crazy caper? THAT GIRL!

Starring Marlo Thomas as the energetic “Ann Marie,” an aspiring actress who personified today’s liberated woman, THAT GIRL debuted September 8, 1966 and ran for five fun-filled seasons. Focusing on the exploits of actress and model Ann Marie—who left behind the comforts of her parents’ suburban home to make it big on her own in New York City—THAT GIRL was the first television series to revolve around the life of an independent, young woman, pioneering a genre and paving the way for future hits like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda, and Murphy Brown.

Today, THAT GIRL’s unique blend of nostalgia and progressive ideals is the very essence of “retro hip.” And with an enduring popularity and strong female demographic—particularly amongst tweens, young women, and ‘baby boomers’—THAT GIRL presents an endless array of licensing opportunities for products and services of all types.

THAT GIRL TM & © Daisy Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.