Any discussion about the greatest comedy teams in show business history should begin and end with Abbott & Costello™. Officially teaming in 1936 and born of burlesque slapstick, the indomitable duo of Bud Abbott & Lou Costello mastered the straight man/clown relationship and transcended every entertainment medium throughout the course of their remarkable twenty one year partnership. From the burlesque stage to Broadway, from radio, film, and on to television, Abbott & Costello and their timeless brand of comedy conquered it all, culminating with the induction of their signature classic, “Who’s on First”™ into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1956. And thanks to the advent of home video, DVD, and the ever-expanding realm of cable and satellite television, new generations continue to discover the timeless humor and comedic genius of Abbott & Costello.

ABBOTT & COSTELLO and WHO’S ON FIRST? are trademarks of TCA Television Corp., Hi Neighbor, and Diana Abbott Colton.
Images of Bud Abbott used with the permission of Hi Neighbor and Diana Abbott Colton
Images of Lou Costello used with the permission of TCA Television Corp.

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